East Coast Captains Union Undertakes Team Building To Break Union Deadlock

Team building activities may be beneficial to you and your team. They enable the team to learn more about each member. The members know their strengths and weaknesses. Team building also creates good communication among the members. However, these activities have their disadvantages. If they fail to go as planned, money and time are wasted. Below are the problems of team building activities.

A team is made of members. Each of this member is different from the other. An individual has their unique tastes and preference. A team comprises of people from different backgrounds, religion, political affiliation, etc. Team building activities will, therefore, face conflicting interests. It is impossible to come up with a business that will be acceptable to all the members. Competing interests also come up due to personal relationships among members. If individual members have strained relationship, it will be difficult to get them to participate. A team has members who support the activity and those who do not. They are bound to conflict.

Team building activities consume time. This time could be valuable to the team members or the organization. For these activities to be done, time out of work is needed. It could be a day or days set aside for the activities. The management may decide to move the activities to times like weekends, which is not favorable to all members. The time consumed by the activities somehow end up eating the members or organizations ?time. It could result in time wasted if the actions do not produce the desired results.

The aim of team building activities is to achieve teamwork. All the effort put is to make the members work well as a team. This can be counterproductive. When collaboration is made, it can create and nurture laxity. This is where some members of the team do more work. Some members may be tempted to reduce their input because they know the rest will do the job. Team building activities promote dependency among members. This is where members are always looking to involve each other in processes. This will some members take advantage of the by always asking them to do work they should be doing themselves.

Team building activities require funding. Funding can be by the members or the organization. Either way, money is spent. If the team requires going to a location out of work, it will need funds. The activities require money to facilitate. The items need purchasing. This becomes a disadvantage if the business does not produce the desired results. There is no way to quantify the profits of the discussions since the results are not tangible. The gains depend on positive results of the action. If the operation does not produce the expected results, the money spent is as good as wasted. Team building activities are a risk. You and your team invest in them unsure of the outcome.