Some of Our Clients
Schiffahrtskontor Altes Land(Germany)
DT-Bereederung Gmbh Co Kg(Germany)
Beluga Chartering Gmbh ( Germany )
Delphis NV ( Belgium )
Lotus Shipping Co ( Greece )
Rickmers Reederei Gmbh ( Germany)
AVIN International sa ( Greece )
Clipper Elite Carriers (Denmark)
Clipper Wonsild Tankers ( Denmark )
Tsakos Shipping ( Greece )
Alpha Tankers ( Greece )
A.K.Shipping & Trading ( Greece )
Dockendale Shipping co ( Bahamas )
Prisco ( Singapore) Pte Ltd.
Enterprises Shipping & Trading ( Greece )
Neptune Shipmanagement ( Singapore )
Ernst Jacob Gmbh & Co Kg ( Germany)
Hanseatic Shipping co Ltd. ( Cyprus)
Solvang asa ( Norway )
The Green Tankers AS ( France)
CGG Offshore ( France)
SONSUB Limited ( Scotland )
Bourbon Offshore AS ( Norway)
Techmarine International (United Kingdom )
Magnus Carriers Corp ( Greece)
VW-NYKI Shipping Bv ( Holland)
Reederei F.Laeisz gmbh ( Germany )
Bergshav Management AS ( Norway)
OSM Ship Management as ( Norway)
Rigel Schiffahrts gmbh ( Germany)
Briese Schiffahrts Gmbh ( Germany)
BBC-Chartering & Logistics ( Germany)
MaryVille Maritime Inc ( Greece)
Lomar Shipping Ltd ( United Kingdom )
Seaarland Shipping Management ( Austria)
Wagenborg Shipping b.v.( Holland)
TORM Lines ( Denmark)
UNICOM Management Services ( Cyprus)
JADROPLOV Ltd. ( Croatia)
ASPOL-Baltic Corporation ( Russia)
Tanker Pacific Management ( Singapore)
Northern Marine Management ( United Kingdom)
Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd ( United Kingdom)
Spliethoff b.v.( Holland)
Seatrade Groningen b.v. ( Holland)
Midocean Shipmanagement Ltd ( United Kingdom)
Kristen Navigation Inc ( Greece)
Seven Seas Maritime Ltd ( United Kingdom)
Lauritzen Kosan as ( Denmark)
Denholm Coates Co.Ltd.( United Kingdom)
Mar-Con Gmbh & Co ( Germany)
J.P.Knight Ltd ( United Kingdom)
Golden Union Shipping Co ( Greece)
Sea Observer Shipping ( Greece)
Harpa Shipping & Chartering (Germany)
Albamar Shipping Co sa ( Greece)
Millenium Enterprises ( Greece)
Roswell Nvaigation Corp ( Greece)
Larus s.a. ( Greece)
Millenium Shipping Co.( United Kingdom)
ASP-Seascot Shipmanagement (United Kingdom)
Arpa Shipping b.v. ( Holland)
Bore Shipowners b.v. ( Holland)
Dredging International (Belgium)
Seaworx b.v. ( Holland)
Iver Ships as ( Norway)
Latvian Shipping Co. (Latvia)
Royal Boskalis n.v.( Holland)
Deiulemar Compagnia Navigazione ( Italy)
Aquaship Ltd ( Latvia)
Trico Supply (UK)Ltd ( United Kingdom)
Tidewater Marine LLC( USA)
Target Marine s.a. ( Greece)
Anglo-Eastern Shipmanagement( United Kingdom)
ABC Maritime AG ( Switzerland)
Pacific & Atlantic Corp.( Greece)
Teo Shipping Corp ( Greece)
Pacific Ship-Managers ( Singapore)
Cardiff Marine Inc.( Greece)
Paradise Navigation s.a.( Greece)
Ravenscroft Shipping Inc.( USA)
James Fisher Tankships Ltd( United Kingdom)
Seatrans Ermefer Tankers ( Norway)
Holy House Shipping ab ( Sweden)
Kassian Maritime Navigation Ltd ( Greece)
Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst.( USA)
NERC Research Vessels( United Kingdom)
British Antarctic Survey( United Kingdom)
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory( USA)
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Inst. ( USA)
NOAA -National Oceanic Atmospheric Adm(USA)