Services That Are Offered By Marine Shipping Agents

There are some different services that marine shipping agents can offer. Some of the services that are offered include the following:

Seaport activities

Seaports can be defined as the interface between the inland modes and the maritime modes of the transport when it comes to the movement of passengers and goods. In other terms, ports can be defined as the single organizational units that normally come with multi-dimensional activities that tend to be within the logistics chain that is for providing the different kinds of services to the maritime trade. The main objective of the seaport is to be able to provide safe and fast transit of passengers and goods through the available facilities at a very minimal cost.


These normally involve all the operations that tend to relate to the discharging and loading of cargo from a particular vessel to the docks. This kind of service mainly involves the supply of labor and equipment, loading and unloading and the direction of handling the cargo for Los Angeles SEO This kind of service is only able to handle break bulk, dry cargo bulk, and the containerized type.

Shipping management

This can be defined as the business if equipping, manning, maintaining and provisioning of a ship. It mainly includes the commercial, technical and the crew management of the ship. This is also when the dry-docking, the maintenance and the technical upgrade of the ship are normally done. The commercial management normally involves the decisions that are regarding the deployment of the vessel as well as the purchase and sale. The crew management is the part that normally takes care of the selection and the recruitment of deck side officers, technical officers, and the rating team.

Ship supplier

The operation of the vessels needs the various consumables in the form of lubricants, stores, bunker, fresh water and others. A team known as ship chandeliers are the ones who tend to provide the Majestic food for the ship as well as other provisions that may be needed in the ship. It is also the one that can arrange for different services like that of a washerman, a doctor and many other services that may be needed. The shipping agent of a particular ship is the one who is going to arrange for the ship chandeliers to be able to carry out their duties like serving the clients who are on the ship. All ships have to have an adequate supply of fresh water and food which they normally tend to purchase on the port that they are visiting for contact There are some small companies that are involved in this kind of business which is why it is said to be fragmented.